Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pre-Shot Routine For Better Golf

Golf is a game that requires high levels of self control, vision and a calm hand. When playing each and every golf shot you need to have a clear focus on what you are trying to achieve. Your pre-shot routine is the time when you should be seeing, feeling and planning your best line of attack or defend.

What you should be doing in your Pre-Shot Routine,

1, First step is to choose what golf shot your are going to play, i,e, high, low, draw, fade, 7 iron sand wedge ect ect.

2, Once you have choosen your club and shot you need to focus on playing that club to the best of your ability. Stand behind the golf ball and try an see the shot in your mind, see the ball in the air, where that ball will land and how the ball will fly through the air.

3, Always decide how many practice swings you are going to have and stick to that routine. If you are nervous, relaxed or angry stick to your smae routine and have the same practice swings.

4, Set up to your ball, see the shot remember to breath and play your shot, once that shot has been played then the routine has to start again.

Pre-Shot routine has to be your own and you have to be able to use it on every shot, so it can not be to long. Twenty practice swings will not win you any friends on the golf course. Make it short and sweet and your own.

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