Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Play Golf Well This Winter

Playing Golf In the Winter

Playing golf for many golfers is a all year round activity, but any new golfers who have not yet played through a winter will soon be woken up to the wet and cold days to come. Making sure that you have the correct equipment is the key to playing good golf all year round.

We all look at the latest drivers, irons and putters that are being released to see if we can improve our distance from the tee or hole more putts, but how often do we check that our waterproofs are still waterproof. Or even if they will keep you warm when the winter really hits. Does the waterproof you own still fit you correctly after your year of exercise.

When it comes to waterproofs now there is a lot of choice to be made. There are many styles and many fabrics all boasting great things. From Gore-tex to Mizuno Waterproofs featuring Impermalite technology to Nikes Dri-Lite.

On our tests Gore-Tex and Mizuno Impermalite fabric have come out best. The Gore-Tex that can be found in Galvin Green Waterproofs feels great and are 100% waterproof. The Galvin Green range also has maybe the best style out of all the garments we have tested.

The Mizuno Waterproofs featuring Mizuno Golf's Impermalite technology also came out well in our tests. The waterproofing was 100%, the jackets are amazingly light. The modern style of the 2010 range makes the waterproofs look great to.

Stay dry and stay warm this winter with great quality golf waterproofs, play your best with the correct golf equipment.

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