Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Good Posture For Great Ball Striking

If you want to strike the golf ball with power and control then you need to have a good well balanced starting position.

The most common mistake when it comes to standing to the golf ball is golfers like to have most of their body weight on the heels of their feet. This can cause topping, thining and general bad striking. If you watch the worlds best golfers you will notice that they will start with their weight on the balls of their feet. This feels far to far towards for most golfers, but with your weight more on the balls of your feet you are much more ready for actions.

The best way to check if your weight is not on your heels is to make sure your shoulders are forward of your toes. Simply drop a club down from your shoulders and see if it is forward of your your toes, if it is not then you need to lean into your shots more than you already are.

Remember good posture will help you hit the golf ball with great control and the correct launch angel.

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