Monday, August 31, 2009

Tiger Woods, Shaft flex Does Matter

Tiger hitting golf shots at the 2009 PGA championships. Tiger has swing speeds of up to 135mph with his driver, which makes it very important that his shaft is tuned for his power. As you can see from the picture even with his very heavy and extra stiff shaft the forces pulling on the golf club are to strong and the shaft has amazing bend before impact. High speed camera footage shows that even though the shaft may flex the centre of gravity catches up with the grip at impact.

Choosing the correct golf shaft to match your golf game can be hard. Always seek professional advice to be sure you make the correct choice. The best way to choose your correct equipment is to measure swing speed, launch angle and spin rates from the face.

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  1. That's not completely true! It'a a camera illusion effect, created by high speed rotating objects captured in one frame. The effect depends upon the shutter type used. That flex is not real!