Monday, September 14, 2009

Hit Better Pitch Shots

Everyone knows that from a hundred yards in is where the scoring shots really start to count. The best players in the world are very good at getting the ball up and down from 100 yards in. If it is to save par or to make birdie hitting a pitch shot close always feels great, and at the same time takes the pressure off your tee shots.

To hit better golf pitches you need to be able to control the distance you hit the ball. The best way to control your pitching distance is to try and turn your shoulders different amounts for more or less power.

Lots of golfers when hitting a pitch swing with their arms and turn their shoulders, but both movements are not in sync with eachother. You want to try and turn your shoulders to make your backswing and when your shoulders stop that is when the club and arms stop to. To control the distance of your pitch you need to hit lots if golf shots turning your shoulders differnet amounts and see how far that hits the golf ball.

Better pitching is about better control with the golf club and your body. Think shoulder turn for distance and stop using your arms.

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